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Starting is hard

Since I am not a professional blogger yet, these first few posts will stink. I learned from Jon Acuff  it is ok to be terrible at first when hardly anyone is reading your blog anyway. (Hi, mom.) So we’ll have to live with that together, ok?

This is my bold declaration: Since the beginning of 2013, I have lost 60 pounds. I have dropped from a 40 inch waist to a 34 inch waist. I used to wear size 3XL Tall shirts. I now wear XL off the rack. So there.

That’s where I am now. But not too long ago, I was a different story. For most of my adult life, I’ve been over weight. I have, over the years, tried numerous weight loss plans, diets, and programs. Most are great weight loss methodologies that have transformed millions of lives. Just not mine. Not permanently anyway. During my weight loss regimens, I got down to as low as 270 pounds (thank you Gym Bag Bible.) But I also blossomed to a high watermark of 319 pounds between attempts (yes, I’ll bring pictures). Sound familiar? Yeah, me too.

I can recall the roly-poly feeling of 319 vividly. I began each day by sweating. I sweat in places I didn’t know I could sweat. I might have actually been a little steamy, but not in a good way. I discovered my shoes had to go on my feet that were waaaay down on the other end of my legs. I would get winded walking down the stairs. I felt as if I was slowly being strangled by my own body. Been there?

So this first blog post is dedicated to starting something new. Starting is hard. Momentum is not easily gained. The solid rocket boosters on the space shuttle provided a combined 6.6 million pounds of thrust at liftoff. Just to get off the launching pad. That’s some serious starting power.

Do you have thrust like that in your life? No?

Neither did I at first. I mean, who am I, right?

Who am I? Who are you? Let’s find out together.


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