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The Plan That Works

Ah yes. Here it is. The plan that works. Whew! Finally!

Yeah….relax a minute champ and stick with me.

So for those new to the blog (or for those following along but not paying attention), I’ve lost over 60 pounds in the last 6 months and I’ve decided to blog about it a bit. One of the main questions I’ve been asked over and over is “What’s your secret?”  I’ve already shared with you how I discovered my secret to weight loss while lying on my bathroom floor half paralyzed. Yeah, it was as pretty as it sounds.

I recently had a discussion with a co-worker about the plan I followed to lose the weight. This is really the questions many of us have, right? How did you actually do it? What are the steps?

Finding the right plan is important. There are many great diet and weight-loss plans out there today, each with their own merits. There are meal plans, pre-packaged meal plans, micronutrient plans, plans that count points, count calories, count grams of food, plans to exercise 30 minutes a day, exercise 10 minutes a day, eat no carbs, eat only carbs, eat low fat, eat high fat, eat no meat, eat grapefruit, eat bannanas, eat Subway, drink juice, drink water, drink water with lemon, honey, and cayenne pepper. The list goes on and on. The information age has given birth to an explosion of information and accessability to really great ideas. For every great plan however, there are double that amount that are scams. Becoming diligent about doing your homework is vital to choosing the right plan.

You do need a plan though. Don’t believe me? Ask any generally healthy person what they do to stay healthy, and they will likely be able to sum it up pretty well. Ask any unhealthy person, and you get a vague mumbling about diet and exercise. I know this because I used to be that guy. “Uh, yeah I really try to watch what I eat. I drink diet soda mostly. I exercise as much as I can. But, I am pretty busy with work and the kids, ya know?” Sound familiar? So my question is: If there are lots of great plans out there and the information about those plans is plentiful, why are obesity rates in America skyrocketing?

The fact is, weight loss is much deeper and more complex than finding the right plan. Do you think Jared lost all that weight by only eating subs and exercising? All he did was waltz into Subway and presto, the weight fell off? I contend his transformation was far more complex and deep that it seems.

Men, weight loss begins at home. Not your house or apartment. I’m talking about your mind. I believe no plan in the world will work the way it was designed unless you simultaneously address what’s inside your mind, heart, and soul. Getting your mind right is the key to unlocking the path to success. It is about changing your internal dialog and redefining how you view yourself and the success you deserve. We are going to explore this in more detail in the weeks ahead.

Here’s two pieces of advice that have never helped me:

1. Eat less. Exercise more.

Oooh, eat less calories. Shoot, I had that backwards. Dumb me! Why would oversimplified messaging about weight loss have ever help my complicated, long standing, well-practiced overweight existence? I was overweight light years longer than the 3 seconds it took to read those words.

2. It’s all about willpower…

Let me tell you about will power. Once, me and two of my friends ate 100 chicken wings and 12 beers in one sitting. You know what kind of will power it takes to do that? Will power was not my problem.

For some, oversimplification is what they want or need. However, I think oversimplifying weight loss is insulting to most people struggling with weight. I didn’t want it broken down for me into 5 easy steps. I didn’t need a break down. I needed a breakthrough. I needed a bridge between where I was, and the place where I could find enough courage to take those first, painful baby steps towards freedom. I needed to close the gap between what I was doing, and what I should be doing, Sound familiar? I’ve been there guys. I’ve been mired in the muck. I’ve felt deflated and defeated. I’ve seen the stares, raised eyebrows, and looks of disapproval. I’ve been to the end of the slack in the seatbelt. I know how it is, your life, because I’ve lived it.

So what is the best plan? It can be whatever you decide. Whatever is good for your body, Consult your doctor for goodness sake.

What is the plan that actually works? It’s the one already inside of you, placed there long ago. It is a force within that is screaming to be unleashed into the world. The plan that works yearns to breathe into your life and reveal the new you. The plan that works, once unleashed, will save your life. It did mine.

Come along with me, will you?

Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail. Thanks for reading.

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